Second BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC is out today

Four months ago, the first BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC took players back to Rapture, the ill-fated underwater city where the events of the original BioShock unfolded. Today, the second and final chapter of the Burial at Sea DLC comes out. This time, players take control of Elizabeth, BioShock Infinite's damsel in distress, for what Irrational Games describes as "a film noir-style story that provides players with a different perspective on the BioShock universe."

Here's the launch trailer:

It sounds like some of the fun characters from the original BioShock, including Atlas and Andrew Ryan, are making a comeback. In this episode, as I understand it, Elizabeth must rescue Sally, the lost girl who was the subject of the Burial at Sea: Episode One. The first episode had players fill the shoes of Booker DeWitt, who was also BioShock Infinite's main character. I wonder how things will be different with Elizabeth taking the lead.

In any case, Burial at Sea: Episode Two will be available on Steam, either by itself or as part of the $19.99 BioShock Infinite Season Pass, when it unlocks in three hours or so. For the next couple of hours, Steam is also offering BioShock Infinite plus the season pass as a $24.99 bundle. Not a bad offer.

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