Bizarro Goat Simulator channels classic Dead Island trailer

Remember that awesome Dead Island trailer from a few years ago? The developers at CoffeeStain Studios are apparently fans, because the trailer for their new game is heavily influenced by the classic. The game is called Goat Simulator and, well, see for yourself:

Ok, so I chuckled.

Despite the April 1 release date, Goat Simulator is not a joke. Well, it's kind of a joke, but it's also an actual game—a "small, broken and stupid" one according to the official FAQ.

An older trailer released in February provides a somewhat better sense of the gameplay, if you can call it that.

Goat Simulator is the product of a game jam, where developers produce a game within a relatively short period of time. I'm not sure if recreational drug use is typically part of the process, but it seems like maybe there was some of that involved here.

The developers promise to polish Goat Simulator and iron out the bugs. They're also adding Steam Workshop support to allow people to import their own levels. Multiplayer support isn't an option, though. The game's physics engine is apparently too advanced, making synchronization difficult. Seriously, it has PhysX support and everything.

So, yeah, some game developers created a physics-infused sandbox with goats. And I kind of want to play in it, but maybe not at the $10 pre-order price. Goat Simulator will probably end up in a Steam sale or Humble Bundle before long.

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