Corsair's Graphite Series 760T, 730T cases are out today

You may have seen our review of Corsair's new Obsidian Series 450D enclosure yesterday. This isn't the only Corsair case to debut this week, though. Corsair has also officially released the Graphite Series 760T, which we first heard about in January, and the 730T, which is a cheaper derivative without the windowed side panel—and with red fan LEDs instead of blueish-white ones.

Here's the 760T. Its internals are pretty similar to those of the Obsidian Series 750D, down to the dual 3.5" drive cages and side-mounted 2.5" bays. Externally, though, the case looks a little bolder, with LED fans and a side-panel window that spans almost the entire width of the enclosure. I like the Obisidan's understated look, but the 760T has undeniable aesthetic appeal. My only reservation is about those front fans, which aren't covered by a solid panel. As Geoff demonstrated in his 450D review, plain mesh venting may keep temperatures a little lower, but it raises noise levels noticeably.

Newegg has listings for two variants of the 760T, one dubbed Black Steel and the other White Steel, as well as the 730T. Prices are $179.99 and $189.99 for the two 760T models, respectively, and $139.99 for the 730T, although none of the three cases are in stock just yet. Newegg quotes a "release date" of April 15 for all of them.

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