Latest Watch Dogs trailer hints at game's scale

Slowly but surely, Watch Dogs is inching closer to release—and Ubisoft is putting up tantalizing trailers along the way. The latest clip shows the (slightly) futuristic version of Chicago the game's creators whipped together, and it gives a sense of the game's scale. Take a look:

Honestly, I'm not all that impressed with the graphics overall. They seem closer to GTA V than to The Division on the eye-candy spectrum. That said, there's enough visual fidelity to sustain the suspension of disbelief, and the game world looks friggin' huge. This feels like it could be a thinking man's GTA, with hacking instead of running people over with expensive cars.

Watch Dogs is coming out on May 27. The game will be available on Windows, both current- and last-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and the Wii U. (Thanks to Joystiq for the tip.)

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