Report: Nine new, tablet-bound Bay Trail chips are coming

Intel introduced its first wave of "Bay Trail" Atom processors for tablets in September, and it looks like we're about due for wave two. CPU-World reports that "at least" nine new Bay Trail processors, all belonging to the Atom Z37x5 series, will break cover either late this quarter (i.e. some time in the next few days) or early in Q2.

According to CPU-World, the new chips will all have quad cores and 2MB L2 caches, and their graphics performance will be up to 16% faster than that of current offerings. The specs table in the site's article shows peak IGP clock speeds ranging up to 792MHz, compared to a maximum of 688MHz for current offerings. The CPU core clock speeds seem to be the same, though.

Since there will be nine members of the Atom Z37x5 series, CPU-World also points out that the new lineup will offer a "greater variety" than the current, six-chip Atom Z37X0 family. I don't see any prices quoted in the story, but perhaps Intel will be able to hit more price points than before. CPU-World does say the lowest-end member of the new lineup, the Atom Z3735E, will be aimed exclusively at Android tablets with up to 1GB of RAM and 1280x800 displays.

Head to CPU-World's story for a full list of specs—all of which are, of course, entirely unofficial.

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