AMD shows teaser pic of likely dual-Hawaii Radeon

Earlier this month, Scott received a mildly creepy envelope from AMD that contained a picture of his face, duplicated horizontally, with the caption, "Wouldn't you agree that two is better than one?"

On Saturday, the following tweet and picture showed up on the official @AMDRadeon account:

It's coming. Do you have what it takes? #2betterthan1

Scott suspects that the "two is better than one" tagline might have to do with an upcoming dual-GPU Radeon, perhaps one featuring two of the Hawaii chips that currently power the Radeon R9 290 and 290X. This image lends weight to that hypothesis. The outlines hint at a card with a beefy cooler and a large, single fan—something perhaps not unlike the dual-GPU GeForce Titan Z, which Nvidia coincidentally announced last week. And speaking of cooling, AMD has also been sending some folks bottled Hawaiian water. Hmm.

If AMD is already showing teaser pics, I expect an official announcement can't be too far off. We'll keep our eyes peeled... and hope AMD prices its card somewhere south of the Titan Z's $2,999.

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