Samsung's budget 4K monitor is selling for $700

A wave of more affordable 4K monitors is set to hit this year. Samsung's U28D590D looks like it might be one of the first—and it should also be among the most affordable. Amazon has the 28-incher listed for pre-order at $700.

Samsung's product page boasts that the U28D590D can produce one billion colors. However, the display is based on TN panel technology, so dithering is likely required to reach that total. 4K displays based on IPS and IGZO panel technology can produce more colors without interpolation, but they also have much higher price tags.

TN panels typically have quick response times, and the U28D590D delivers on that front. Its gray-to-gray response time is rated at just one millisecond. Other specs include a 370 cd/m² brightness rating and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The screen's display resolution is 3840x2160.

Around back, we find dual HDMI inputs and one DisplayPort link. The DP in supports version 1.2 of the spec and can handle 4K feeds at 60Hz. It's unclear whether this is a tiled display that requires Multi-Stream Transport, though. (Most 4K monitors rely on MST, which combines multiple input streams on a single cable.) The HDMI 1.4 ports limit 4K content to 30Hz, so you probably don't want to use them for PC input.

Otherwise, the U28D590D looks pretty unremarkable. The stand isn't adjustable, and the screen lacks a VESA-compatible mounting bracket. There is a headphone jack, but it appears to be buried in the back with the video outs. We expected budget 4K monitors to be barebones offerings, of course, and I'm still curious to see how this one stacks up against the other alternatives due to hit the market.

Amazon is scheduled to start shipping the U28D590D on April 18. If you can't wait, Newegg partner Neofeel is already offering the display, albeit for a pricier $870. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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