Battlefield 4 patch fixes balance, bugs, and Mantle issues

EA DICE posted the mother of all Battlefield 4 patches this morning. Today's update includes stability and bug fixes, a whole bunch of balance adjustments, and some additional tweaks aimed at the game's Mantle renderer, which premiered a couple of months ago. A full list of what's in the update can be found in this post on the BF4 forums.

On the balance front, DICE's tweaks address everything from assault rifle recoil to grenade capacity and properties to the effectiveness of weapons on aircraft and ground vehicles. I haven't played a whole lot of BF4 multiplayer myself, since I don't have time to get good at it, but it looks like players are in for some very palpable changes. There are plenty of straight-up bug fixes, too, which target game stability, exploits, netcode issues, and so forth.

As for Mantle, here's the list of improvements and changes to which Radeon users can look forward:

-Mantle now requires Catalyst 14.2 or later drivers.
-Fixed multiple crashes.
-Fixed memory leak when switching between windowed and full screen.
-Optimized memory management which can reduce amount of performance stalls when video memory is overcommitted.
-Improved performance when vsync is used.
-Fixed bug with offset mouse cursor when using full screen and horizontal windows taskbar.
-Multi-GPU: Added initial support for frame pacing for smoother frame rate in full screen mode, enabled by default. Can be disabled in console / User.cfg with “RenderDevice.FramePacingMethod 0”.
-Multi-GPU: Fixed black screen when starting on machine with multiple GPUs where the weakest GPU has the display attached to it.
-Multi-GPU: Fixed intermittent crash when switching between windowed and full screen mode when having multiple GPUs

If you don't have them already, you can grab the latest beta Catalyst graphics drivers (14.3 beta v1.0) right here on AMD's knowledge base site. The most recent non-beta drivers are the Catalyst 13.12 release, which won't support this new BF4 update, according to DICE.

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