Strange new Rosewill keyboard is feline-friendly

And here comes Rosewill with a new addition to its mechanical keyboard lineup. Perhaps this is the strangest one so far. Rosewill's new entry, the RK-687, is said to be the "first mechanical keyboard featuring a built in heating system." It also has a "paw friendly key" that activates that heating system. Looks like this thing is designed not just for typing, but also for feline use:

Frankly, I'm not sure I see where Rosewill is coming from here. Of all the additions they could have made to their otherwise excellent mechanical keyboard designs, this is the one they chose? Other than the heating system, this looks to be a decent offering with durable keycaps and n-key rollover, but why invite cats onto a keyboard in the first place? Lint and cat fur are sure to gather between the key caps and mess up the typing action.

Say what you will about cat memes on the Internet, I just don't see this product taking off.

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