1. Symantec's W32/SirCam@MM removal (thanks Wayne Osteen)
  2. JC's has Intel CC transcript and Pricewatch CPU/DRAM availability
  3. UK Gamer on id Software
  4. ZZZ online | Number 89
  5. Tech Extreme on Microsoft stalling to protect Windows XP
    and NASA's new supercomputer for climate study
  6. Electic Tech reports that Soyo introduces SY-K7V Dragon (VIA KT266),
    Hyrix receives validation from Rambus for 256MB RIMMs,
    Plextor introduces PlexWriter 24/10/40A,
    and BitMicro introduces 75GB solid-state flash disk
  7. eWeek reports that Sun reveals Grid Engine Project
    and Microsoft's career site was hacked (thanks rand)
  8. LinuxLookup's TOTW: strace
  9. Hardware Extreme on what you should do if your work gets stolen
  10. Futurelooks reviews The Replacement Killers and Patlabor: The Movie DVD's

  1. SocketA has Micron's chipset plans
  2. Van's Hardware reports that AMD confirms JPEG issue (thanks rand)
  3. The Inquirer on AMD and Intel's endgame (thanks rand)
  4. PowerAthlon K7 (thanks AMDZone)
  5. Asus A7V266 manual PDF
  6. Overclockers Australia reviews Asus CUV266
    and AOpen AX37 Plus motherboards
  7. Hard Tecs 4U reviews Soyo SY-K7ADA
  8. SocketA reviews Abit KT7A-RAID
  9. PCstats on Iwill KK266
    and fluorescent multi-layer memory
  10. The Tech Zone reviews Iwill KK266-R
    and gives away 256MB Micron PC133 SDRAM
Multimedia and networking

  1. OnePC reviews ATI Radeon VE
  2. Dan's Data reviews Hercules 3D Prophet III
  3. Trainwrecker reviews Gainward GF3 CARDEXpert PowerPack
  4. Tech Extreme on VDSL
    and Benwin GX-6 flat panel speaker system
  5. CoreSpeed3D reviews 802.11 Compex Waveport wireless LAN
  6. AMDPower reviews Compex UE202A USB NIC
  7. SourceMagazine on ultimate mobile add-ons
  8. Neoseeker reviews AOpen R-25W wireless mouse
  9. EverythingUSB reviews Intel wireless base station and mouse
  10. I am not a geek reviews Samsung DVD-N501 DVD player
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