AMD lists desktop Kabini chips, Semprons as cheap as $31

The first Athlon processors based on AMD's desktop Kabini APU appeared online last week with prices as low as $50. AMD has since updated its official processor price list with more details on the rest of the family, which includes Semprons as cheap as $31. And the Semprons have popped up online, too. Here are the official details along with current street prices:

Model Cores Clock speed L2 cache GPU List price Street price
Athlon 5350 4 2.05GHz 2MB Radeon HD 8400 $54 $69
Athlon 5150 4 1.6GHz 2MB Radeon HD 8400 $45 $58
Sempron 3850 4 1.3GHz 2MB Radeon HD 8280 $36 $58
Sempron 2650 2 1.45GHz 1MB Radeon HD 8240 $31 $36

Amazon partners seem to be the only ones with the chips in stock right now. TigerDirect was selling the Athlon 5350 for $60 and the 5150 for $50 last week, but those listings have disappeared from the vendor's site. They may reappear on April 9, which is when the desktop Kabini APUs were supposed to be available in the U.S. I'd expect street prices to drift closer to AMD's 1000-unit prices as the chips become more widely available.

The lineup doesn't contain any surprises, though I'd avoid the Sempron 2650. It's the only duallie in the bunch, and it's stuck with half the L2 cache of its siblings. CPU-World adds that the 2650 is also limited to DDR3-1333 RAM; the rest of the family supports memory speeds up to 1600MHz.

The Semprons have slower CPU and graphics clocks than their Athlon counterparts. However, all four chips are tagged with 25W TDP ratings. That thermal envelope is notably higher than the TDP ratings for Intel's comparable Bay Trail parts, which top out at 10W. It will be interesting to see how the Athlon 5350 stacks up against desktop-oriented Bay Trail chips like the quad-core Celeron J1900. The Celeron can hit 2.4GHz, and it's already available on a Gigabyte Mini-ITX board for $97.

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