Cooler Master's fancy backlit keyboard will be out on April 13

At CES, Cooler Master showed us a keyboard with a fancy backlighting system that lit up keys after each keypress. The company has now revealed fresh info about this keyboard, an upcoming tenkeyless model dubbed the QuickFire Rapid-i:

Apparently, the Rapid-i works its magic thanks to a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor. Cooler Master says the ARM CPU enables the backlighting to "brightly illuminate upon each key press and fade softly as your fingers move on to the next key." That's only one of the keyboard's lighting modes, though. There are five in all, as well as five brightness levels. Cooler Master says the keys are also programmable for "unique game and application uses," and the keyboard's built-in memory can store "up to four different presets."

Other than that, the Rapid-i looks an awful lot like other members of the QuickFire lineup. It has a matte finish, laser-engraved key caps, and of course, a choice of mechanical key switches. Cooler Master's announcement mentions "quiet and tactile" options, and the company tells us the first models will have Cherry MX brown switches.

The QuickFire Rapid-i is scheduled to launch on April 13, with retail availability to follow "within 2 weeks." Cooler Master expects to price the keyboard at $149.99.

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