Deal of the week: Cheap storage, discounted graphics, and a nice massage

I'm running out of ways to introduce our deals posts. So, yeah, let's get straight to this week's discounts.

  • TigerDirect is selling PNY's Optima Series 240GB SSD for for only $99.99 after a $10 mail-in rebate. The price per gig works out to just $0.42, which is about as cheap as SSDs get. Surprisingly, the drive isn't listed on PNY's website. The specifications posted at Newegg don't look too shabby, though—at least not for a drive this cheap.
  • For a safer bet, try Segate's 600 SSD 480GB, which is once again selling for $230 at TigerDirect. This puppy rings in at only $0.48/GB, and it should be much faster all-around than the PNY drive. There's no need to fill out a rebate form, either.
  • WD's 2.5" Black² dual drive combines a 1TB mechanical drive with a 120GB SSD. It's a good solution for systems with only one 2.5" drive bay, such as older notebooks, and it's massively discounted at Newegg right now. A $100 instant discount and coupon code EMCPFPF83 knock the asking price down to $199.99. Read our quick look at the Black² for more details on this unique offering.
  • Good graphics discounts seem to be few and far between these days, but Newegg has a nice deal on MSI's GeForce GTX 660 Twin Frozr III OC graphics card. The card comes with higher-than-stock GPU and Boost clocks, a nice dual-slot cooler, and a free copy of Daylight. It's down to $189.99 right now, and a mail-in rebate trims off another $20. Effective price: $169.99.
  • It's Friday, and most of us could probably use a massage. Well, good news! Newegg has the "Magic Wand" personal massager on sale for $42.95 with promo code EMCPFPF77. The user reviews are awesome. Ahem.

North of the border, Canadian gerbils can partake in NCIX's Rewards Week Sale Event. There are some nice peripheral deals this week, including Microsoft's Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows for $39.99, Corsair's Vengeance M90 gaming mouse for $29.99, and Topre's Type Heaven keyboard for $139.99. Check out Cyril's review of the Type Heaven for the skinny on its capacitive key switches.

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