Sad news and a podcast postponement

I thought I should give everyone a heads up that we didn't record a podcast as scheduled this week. Instead, our producer and host, Jordan, was heading home to be with his family after the death of his brother, Brian Drake.

The Drake clan is full of extraordinary people, and like Jordan, and Brian was one of the most vibrant. He was into extreme sports, specifically wingsuit flying. Earlier this year, Brian made news by acting as the cameraman and composer for this incredible video that went viral around the web.

Amazing skill is on display there, to make that flight and keep the other guy in frame throughout.

Brian was the consummate pro. Jordan has told us about the meticulous planning that went into each run he did. But wingsuit flying is obviously a risky endeavor, and somehow, something went wrong with his flight last weekend. Along with two fellow flyers, Brian died from injuries sustained during the accident.

This story on Brian's death includes a moving tribute from Jordan.

Our condolences to Jordan and the Drake family over the loss of their brother and son.

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