Release roundup: Touchy fan controllers and Wi-Fi drive docks

Our release roundup feature has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, since the flow of hardware announcements from Taiwan slowed considerably after CES. Things are picking up again, though. This week, a handful of notable announcements didn't make it into our regularly scheduled coverage:

  • "Enermax releases TwisterPressure." According to Enermax, the new TwisterPressure fan has a "high-pressure blade design" that makes it ideal for conventional CPU coolers and "any applications with dense grills." The fan has a magnetic Twister bearing, a four-pin PWM connector, and a switch on the hub that lets users choose between three speed settings: 500-1200 RPM, 1500 RPM, and 1800 RPM. Enermax also claims the TwisterPressure can operate at up to 85°C "consistently." Of course, one would hope no heatsink surface (or, heaven forbid, case surface) would get anywhere near that hot during normal use.

  • "Introducing the Sentry 3 touchscreen fan controller." This is a successor to NZXT's existing Sentry 2 touch-screen controller. Like the second-gen design, the Sentry 3 fits in a 5.25" bay and can drive up to five fans, but NXZT has raised the maximum power output per channel from 10W to 15W. The company also claims the Sentry 3's 5.4" touch screen is "33% larger than any other single bay fan controller screen on the market." Other notable features include a built-in temperature sensor, integrated short-circuit protection, and channel linking, which lets users "join any of the five fan channels together and control the link group simultaneously." The asking price will be $34.99 once this thing ships in "roughly two weeks."

  • Thermaltake intros BlacX Urban Wi-Fi docking station. We're fans of Thermaltake's BlacX 5G drive dock, and this latest addition to the BlacX lineup isn't all that different—except, that is, for the presence of Wi-Fi connectivity. The BlacX Urban features 802.11n in addition to USB 3.0, and a special Thermaltake app allows users to access and share files from Android and iOS devices. As with the BlacX 5G, both 3.5" and 2.5" drives are supported.

I don't mind the look of the BlacX Urban. It has kind of the same dark, brushed-aluminum styling as Thermaltake's Urban cases, and it looks mercifully free of glossy plastic surfaces.

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