Majestic trial episode available

Majestic, the new genre-busting online/reality game from EA, has its free pilot episode available for you to check out. I almost hesitate to call Majestic a game, though. From what I've seen, it looks to be more of an interactive conspiracy/mystery novel.

According to the EA hype, you don't play the game, the game plays you.

You only use 12% of your brain. Mind if we play with the rest?

Welcome to Majestic, the suspense thriller that infiltrates your life via the Web, phone and fax.

While this might seem intrusive, it's also rather intriguing. For fans of movies like "The Game", this might be a worthwhile preview to check out.

Will Majestic do more harm than good? It's just a game, but it tells its story, for the most part, in the real world. Just what the doctor ordered if you want a little excitement in your life, but I see some pretty scary potential here, too. If Everquest can take over someone's life, imagine how many could be lost to Majestic.

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