Fresh rumors point to OLED-based iTV

Rumors about an Apple television used to abound, but all has been quiet on the iTV front lately. Could the project have quietly gotten the axe?

Maybe not. A recent story by the Korea Herald suggests Apple has postponed product production of its first TV until next year—and that a shift from LCD to OLED technology is to blame. Word comes from IBK Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo, who says Apple's original plan called for two million 65" and 77" iTV units with LCD screens to ship in the second half of this year. Now, however, Apple is said to be working with an "unnamed local display maker" on 65" OLED sample panels.

Quoting BrightWire, CNet News reports that this "unnamed display maker" could be none other than LG. As the site points out, though, large OLED panels are both difficult and expensive to produce. This would be a surprising shift for Apple, if true.

Whatever Apple is doing, the company may want to focus on its current Apple TV set-top box in the short term. The folks in Cupertino haven't released any major hardware or software updates for that product in over a year, and Amazon's newly launched Fire TV makes the Apple TV look a little dated.

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