news enter our spring cleaning contest to win over 1500 in pc hardware

Enter our spring cleaning contest to win over $1500 in PC hardware

It’s spring cleaning time again. That isn’t the sort of thing we’d normally celebrate, but with generous contributions from Cooler Master, MSI, Kingston, and Newegg, we’ve whipped up a contest to mark the occasion. We’ll be giving away over $1500 in PC hardware. Let’s see what’s up for grabs.

Cooler Master kicked in a nice collection of goodies, including the HAF Stacker 935 enclosure, which combines an ATX tower with a separate, Mini-ITX case that fits right on top. This $160 combo can be used separately or paired up to house a seriously monster rig. Monster rigs require monster PSUs, and the V850 PSU looks like it fits the bill nicely. The PSU has an 850W output rating, a single 12V rail capable of pushing 70A, and loads of PCIe power connectors. It’s priced at $185 and boasts 80 Plus Gold certification, too.

On the cooling front, the Glacier 240L serves up a double-wide radiator attached to dual 120-mm fans. The accompanying CPU block comes with a universal mounting kit, and all the plumbing is sealed at the factory. This beast will set you back $140 on its own.

We liked Cooler Master’s QuickFire Stealth keyboard a lot when we reviewed it in March, so we’re thrilled to include it in our latest contest. The Stealth features lettering on the front faces of the its key caps instead of on top, and it’s available with a range of Cherry MX switch options. We’re giving away the version with MX brown switches, which is selling online for $95 right now.

Also in the peripherals department, we have Cooler Master’s Spawn mouse. We haven’t used this particular rodent, but it has good user reviews, a 3500-DPI sensor with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, and onboard memory for seven programmable buttons. Not bad for only $40. The Spawn should go nicely with the Control-RX mouse pad, which has a massive footprint and a $30 price tag.

And there’s more.

From MSI, we have a Radeon R9 270X Gaming card that normally sells for $220. This card’s GPU runs at higher than stock speeds, though the 2GB of onboard memory sticks to the prescribed 5.6 GT/s. The whole contraption is strapped to one of MSI’s Twin Frozr coolers, which features dual fans and should be reasonably quiet.

If the motherboard pictured above looks familiar, that’s because we reviewed it last year. We liked the Z87-GD65 Gaming a lot, too. It has a Haswell-compatible socket, an overclocking-friendly Z87 chipset, and a nice selection of onboard features. The firmware and software are decent, too. Asking price: $188.

Nope, we’re not done yet.

How about some memory and storage? Kingston provided us with a pair of HyperX 3K SSD upgrade kits: a 240GB drive that normally sells for $170 and a 120GB one that usually costs $110. Both drives use SandForce controller tech, and the 240GB model is featured in our ongoing SSD Endurance Experiment.

In addition to the SSDs, we have a HyperX Beast memory kit loaded with 16GB of DDR3-1866 RAM. This quad-channel kit requires only 1.5V, and it’s equipped with substantial heat spreaders. Expect to pay about $180 for the kit online.

And, on top of all that, Newegg is throwing in some cans of compressed air, which nicely brings us back to our theme for this contest. For a chance to win, you’ll need to find a PC in desperate need of spring cleaning. The machine doesn’t have to be your own, but you’ll need to post a picture of it in the contest entry thread in our forums. Here’s an example for inspiration:

Props are permitted and creativity is encouraged, but only one entry is allowed per person. Also, entrants have to be at least 13 years of age. We’ll choose our favorite image and announce the winner in a couple of weeks. The winner will receive a ~$1300 prize package that comprises the Stacker case, V850 PSU, Glacer cooler, Z87 motherboard, R9 270X graphics card, 240GB SSD, and 32GB memory kit—pretty much a complete PC, minus the CPU. We also have a second-place package that includes the Stealth keyboard, Spawn mouse, Control-RX mouse pad, and 120GB SSD. Cans of compressed air will be included with both packages, and we may have some goodies for other entries that we like.

Additional rules and regulations are posted in the contest forum thread. Entries must be posted in that thread to be considered; we won’t accept entries posted in the comments below. We’ll accept entries until noon CT on Monday, April 21, and the winners will be announced a couple of days later. Good luck!

Update: We are no longer accepting entries to this contest.

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  1. hey. i know u entered in the contest. i just need a little help. i cant figure out how to add a picture

  2. Well, not only was the cat uncooperative, I ended up spending money I didn’t have on a machine that I wanted but didn’t need, because of the whole Windows XP plug pulling.

    This new machine, is much less of a dust magnet, because it hardly moves any air at all! When I turn on the old comp to do thumb-drive migration, it sounds like a jet turbine to me now.

    Is it okay to fake up a mess by dumping the contents of the sweeper bag into the machine and taking a pic of the resultant mess? :whistle:

  3. All the parts being given away are so nice! I really want to win but theres already super dusty computers submitted.

  4. Hey…..every body I from India and I know I cannot win but then also I have enrolled my self in this giveaway…… Now I m using my laptop for playing games….and I wish for a gaming PC…..but can’t afford as much money…….

  5. I have a Honeywell MERV11 5″ thick pleated filter in my furnace and leave it on recirc.

    2 yrs. later there is negligible dust in my PC, and hopefully my lungs are the same.

    Core i5-750, I am still using a 955BE, I don’t think MS word requires me to upgrade my CPU………..yet………….

  6. That’s some pretty nice stuff.

    However I think having a TR guy do my spring cleaning would be even better!!! It will be a bit though, the sun still has another 3 feet of snow to melt away first 🙁

  7. I wish I still had the picture of the point of sale system I had to clean out every 3 months at a kiosk store. I was pulling a 2 inch thick carpet of hair, leaves, and dust off the motherboard. How the machine lasted as long as it did I have no idea!

  8. Had I known this contest were coming up, I would have taken pictures of my friend’s computer that fit the bill. We took it apart to clean it a month ago when we opened it up because it was having trouble.

    In order to clean that thing, thinking that was probably all that was wrong with it (it was), the initial air cleaning wouldn’t suffice. Had to get a big jug of alcohol and literally dunk everything and still go over it with q-tips. Needless to say, I think I would have won the prize. Oh well. So it goes.

  9. I think Lynnfield is still very usable these days. Heck, even quad core Phenom IIs should still be good.

  10. That particular MSI Z87-GD65 board is SWEET!!! It would be my first choice if I ever end up building a nice Core i7 machine.

  11. Just got off the phone with Bensam. He says whoever wins first prize GETS A FREE AMD FX-9590!!! His treat!!! How you’ll use it is your problem, but at least a 990FX mobo is still probably cheaper than a Core i7, right?

  12. I’ll tell my cat to start working overtime at his favorite habit of rubbing his side along the intake fan of my PC… There is nothing fluffier on the whole planet than a mat of dust held together in a matrix of a cat’s fine undercoat fur.

  13. It’s my work PC. 😉

    I’m overdue for an upgrade. Still running a Core i5-750 in there. I put all the guts inside the Corsair 600T a while ago, but the stock fan arrangement leads to negative internal air pressure, which means plenty of dust buildup. The lack of a top air filter doesn’t help, either. I clean it out every other month or so, but my plan is just to put together a new build soon out of newer parts.

  14. A smoker with cats that lives in a very sandy area. Then you can get the smoke, cat hair, normal dust and sand all mixed together in one choking cloud.

  15. Now let’s see… how to dustify a PC? Just gotta hook up the clothes dryer output to the intake, pull out the lint filter, run a few loads through it (low heat setting)… instant fire hazard!

  16. Makes no sense. Just let me enter contests on the internet, you crazy mofos! Tabernak

  17. Never happen.

    Bring their “culturally distinct” laws in line with the rest of Canada??? They’d rather separate than have the same laws.

  18. See, I think this should be a before and after contest: Take a picture of a grungy looking computer, clean it out, and take another picture.

    But mweh.

    Also, I stand no chance here; I clean out my computer every few months, and can’t really think of anyone else who still owns a desktop, let alone who wouldn’t clean it out themselves at least ocne in a while…

    Good luck to those who enter, though!

  19. I saw that these have to be PC’s, they cannot be servers or whatnot, BUT… when you say creativity is encouraged… what exactly do you mean… like does the PC have to be like an actual “I opened this poor computer up and no s**t this is actually what I saw” type of deal, or are we gonna be seeing entries where people have put like potted plants and small piles of sand and stuff inside their computer and intentionally setup the scene… Cause I mean if that’s the case… I have a Corsair 900D so I am pretty sure I could park a few rusty cars in my case if I really needed to…

    Edit: Nevermind… I just RE-REread the rules in the forum and saw the part about props. Sorry long day.

  20. Challenge accepted! I work at a computer repair shop where people bring in computers that have never been opened since 2004 when they first came online! MUAHAHAHAHAaaaaa!!!

  21. I work at a computer repair shop… So I see this as a potential reward for having to clean everyone else’s gross PC’s out… Seriously… has here ever seen a PC so riddled with dust that it actually had stalactites made out of dust hanging from the made CPU heatsink??? Cause I have…

    So right now I am all like “yea bring this challenge on!!!” For the first time ever I am actually hoping that there are a few customers who bring in a few exceptionally dirty PC’s now! Haha!

  22. Forget the charter or separatism… someone should campaign on making contest laws not suck donkey d!ck

  23. The CM Storm Spawn is usually $30, at least at my local Micro Center. I actually prefer the Xornet, since I prefer the lower 1800-2000 DPI range than 3600 DPI, and never use the onboard memory feature. The Xornet has much better surface tracking in my experience too, whereas the Spawn is hit or miss. (I actually had to rollback the Spawn’s firmware one time in order to get it track on my mousepads.)

    Anyway, it’s a solid mouse. But now, for some reason, my wrist cramps up and hurts whenever I use any other mouse for extended periods of time. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to the shape, or the DPI, or perhaps both.

    Also, the first Spawn I had broke. IIRC, the middle click stopped registering. CM warranty did a good job taking care of the issue though, and sent me another.

  24. Oh geez, I [i<]just[/i<] cleaned out my PC! And I'm a smoker too, so I do a thorough cleaning every couple months to prevent the dreaded orange film from collecting a furry coating of dust. I may have to hit up a friend or two with a "free PC cleaning" offer! 🙂 (edit) Wait- I just remembered I'm upgrading an older customer's XP box to Win 7 later this week. It's a ridiculously over-cooled (like 6 case fans) NZXT gaming box located on the floor, [i<]and he has two cats![/i<] [sub<]Mwah-hahahahahahahahahahahahaha......[/sub<]

  25. I was just about to enter when I saw this:

    [quote<] Sorry, but this contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec) only.[/quote<] Are there any contests on the internet that I dont have to be in the U.S. to participate? -__-

  26. My PC has two HIS 6750’s which are both now overheating, I cleaned them out and the case only after having to replace my motherboard, twice. I NEED TO WIN THIS CONTEST.

  27. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU QUEBEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. It’s gotta be a PC. I shudder to think what the insides of some older servers and network gear look like, though.

  29. My PC is a pile of warped rusty metal and ash.
    I think don’t think cleaning it will help.

    Luckily I cant enter (in Aus) so im not disappointed.

  30. My money would still be on the smoker. A smoker who had cats? Now that could be the ultimate!

  31. Ah man. I’ve cleaned no end of horrible computers over the years but don’t think I have any of the “evidence” around any more!

    My friend’s family PC was filthy as hell as his dad is a heavy smoker. And his granddad’s PC hadn’t been cleaned out since he bought it back in 2000… They’re now both shiny as new after I washed them in the bath (no kidding!)

    As for my PC, it’s cleaned out monthly even though it’s only a Q6600 (It’s 7 years old and still doing ok)

    **edit. Just noticed US/Canada only. That sucks 🙁 Especially now I just found some pics of an old dell!

  32. Does it have to be an x86 home style PC or could it be a system/server that is more esoteric or exotic?

  33. I bought a used graphics card from a smoker (a Sapphire 5870) long ago. I had to disassemble the entire heatsink and painstakingly clean it for hours with alcohol and Q-tips just to get rid of most of the smell and staining. Even after all that, it wasn’t 100% clean.

    Card ran fine, though. Just…so gross!

  34. I can almost guarantee the winner will be a PC that lives with a smoker. I’ve seen a few of those that are just OMG.

  35. Just to prove that there’s no bias in favor of subscribers, Ima enter this contest and then win nothing.