Noctua's new dual-fan, dual-tower NH-D15 cooler is a familiar monster

In the world of monster air coolers, Noctua's NH-D14 is among the best. This beast has nearly a thousand reviews on Newegg, almost all of which give the dual-fan, dual-tower design a five-star rating. Now, there's a new version dubbed the NH-D15. It's based on the original, but the fans have been upgraded, the heatsinks have been tweaked, and a sexy promo video has been produced to show off the results.

Unlike its predecessor, which combined 120- and 140-mm fans, the NH-D15 is equipped with dual 140-mm spinners. The fans are Noctua's own NH-AF15 units; they have PWM connectors, fancy bearings, and loads of little features to improve airflow and lower noise levels. Available speeds range from 300-1500 RPM, and the maximum can be knocked down to 1200 RPM with adapters included in the box.

Despite its imposing size, the NH-D15 is still compatible with taller memory modules. The outer borders of the towers are shaped to accommodate big heat spreaders. Configurations with taller memory may be limited to a single fan nestled between the two towers, though. Detailed dimensions are available on Noctua's site.

The NH-D15 is scheduled to be available in mid-April for $99.99. That's a heck of a lot to pay for an air cooler, but Noctua gear tends to be beautifully made, and six-year warranty coverage is provided. Noctua has also been good about supplying users with free retention hardware when new sockets are released.

If you don't want to wait, the NH-D15's impending arrival seems to have inspired discounts on its predecessor. The NH-D14 is 21% off at Newegg right now, and promo code EMCPFPG48 brings the asking price down to just $72.

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