Intel learns from Rambus fiasco

Bill at CPU Review has put together an interesting little article on Intel's next moves in developing memory standards for the PC marketplace. Now that their whole Rambus scheme has pretty much fallen apart thanks to high prices and lackuluster acceptance by PC OEMs, they're trying a new approach:
They had to listen. And apparently they are listening.

EE Times reports "Intel talking DRAMs with Big 5" - apparently they are discussing the future of memory technology; and this time Intel is involving all the major players instead of attempting to unilaterally introduce a standard.

What a novel idea. Bill points out the market alternatives to Rambus DRAM, including DDR RAM, which looks like a popular candidate for the next true PC standard.

Meanwhile, The Register is reporting that Intel has not invited Rambus to join this new coalition on memory standards, and that Intel and Rambus aren't terribly enamored of each other any longer.

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