Windows 8.1 Update failing for many users

Microsoft released a big Windows 8.1 update earlier this week. Dubbed simply Windows 8.1 Update, the patch contains a myriad of little tweaks designed to improve the UI for desktop users. It sounds like a prudent update to the operating system, but I can't say for sure, because the installer keeps failing on me—and I'm not the only one. As InfoWorld reports, numerous users are having problems applying Windows 8.1 Update. Microsoft's support forum is loaded with posts complaining about issues, and so is Twitter.

Folks seem to be getting hit with a few different error codes. One report even claims the update failed after a clean OS reinstall. Microsoft's suggested fixes don't appear to be working, either. My desktop is hung up on error 80073712, for example, but the recommended solution also fails.

There are also issues outside the normal Windows Update mechanism. The patch interferes with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), which is used by IT admins to deploy updates to corporate clients. That problem appears to crop up after the patch has been installed, but the update has still been pulled from WSUS pending a fix. Also, folks who installed the update early via MSDN need to apply an additional patch to bring their systems up to date.

Softpedia has assembled links to the individual download packages that comprise Windows 8.1 Update, but I haven't had time to try them yet. One comment attached to that article suggests the downloads aren't a silver bullet, though. Ugh.

While I'm happy to see Microsoft tweaking its Win8 formula to better suit desktop users, I'm surprised so many people are having problems installing the patch. You'd think such a high-profile release would have undergone more stringent testing. Have any of you managed to install the update successfully?

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