How to reduce or eliminate LCD burn-in and stuck pixels

I have an old-but-still-nice 30" monitor on my desk, a Dell 3007WFP. This display has served me well for years, but recently, it's started having issues with "burn-in" or after-images created by displaying the same icons and windows in the same basic spot over time. I think the problem has been made worse by the fact that my system, for whatever reason, sometimes resists going into power-save mode and stays on for hours when I'm away from the computer.

The problem got to be bad enough recently that I was seriously contemplating retiring this monitor and replacing it with something newer. However, before doing so, I decided to try a software solution that claims to reduce burn-in and repair stuck pixels. Specifically, since this is a Windows PC, I installed the free JScreenFix screensaver and set my PC to run it for several hours before going into display power-save mode. All the software does is cycle through a series of primary colors for each pixel to get it moving. There are other programs and web-based applets that do something similar.

I've gotta say, it really works. One overnight session was enough to restore my 30" Dell to near-pristine condition. The burn-in is virtually gone, and colors look "pure" and correct again across the broad surface of the monitor. I'm kicking myself for not having done this sooner.

I figured I should write a quick post about it, in case any of you are in the same boat. Don't forget that this software option exists and that LCDs can be rejuvenated by using it.

The JSCreenFix folks claim this program can "unstick" 80% of stuck pixels within 20 minutes. I'm not sure about that claim simply because my big Dell hasn't had any problems that I've noticed with stuck pixels. Still, if your LCD has a problem there, seems like this approach might be worth a try.

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