Here are the specs and prices for Intel's Haswell Refresh CPUs

With little fanfare, Intel has let slip the official specifications and pricing for its Haswell Refresh CPUs. This is just a speed bump, folks—in most cases, no more than an extra 100MHz at the same price point. That's something, I guess.

Unfortunately, the official price list (PDF) revealing the refreshed CPUs doesn't detail their Turbo frequencies. We'll have to wait for Intel to update its official Ark site to get the official word on those. Also, the prices are for 1000-unit quantities. Street prices will likely be a little higher.

Let's start with the standard-voltage desktop Core processors:

Model Cores Threads Base clock L2 cache Price
Core i7-4790 4 8 3.6GHz 8MB $303
Core i5-4690 4 4 3.5GHz 6MB $213
Core i5-4590 4 4 3.3GHz 6MB $192
Core i5-4460 4 4 3.2GHz 6MB $182
Core i3-4360 2 4 3.7GHz 4MB $149
Core i3-4350 2 4 3.6GHz 4MB $138
Core i3-4150 2 4 3.5GHz 3MB $117

Next, their low-power counterparts. The price list doesn't include TDP ratings, but standard-voltage Haswell chips typically have 84W TDPs. S-series CPUs are rated at 65W, while T-series models usually fall in the 35-45W range.

Model Cores Threads Base clock L2 cache Price
Core i7-4790S 4 8 3.2GHz 8MB $303
Core i7-4790T 4 8 2.7GHz 8MB $303
Core i7-4785T 4 8 2.2GHz 8MB $303
Core i5-4690S 4 4 3.2GHz 6MB $213
Core i5-4690T 4 4 2.5GHz 6MB $213
Core i5-4590S 4 4 3.0GHz 6MB $192
Core i5-4590T 4 4 2.0GHz 6MB $192
Core i5-4570S 4 4 2.9GHz 6MB $192
Core i5-4460S 4 4 2.9GHz 6MB $182
Core i5-4460T 4 4 1.9GHz 6MB $182
Core i3-4530T 2 4 3.1GHz 4MB $138
Core i3-4150T 2 4 3.0GHz 3MB $117

Weird. The i5-4570S and i5-4460S have the same specs but different prices. Knowing Intel's propensity for fine-grained product segmentation, there's probably a more subtle difference between the two models. Or maybe it's a typo in the official price list.

Now, some less exciting Pentiums and Celerons...

Model Cores Threads Base clock L2 cache Price
Pentium G3450 2 2 3.4GHz 3MB $86
Pentium G3440 2 2 3.3GHz 3MB $75
Pentium G3240 2 2 3.1GHz 3MB $64
Celeron G1850 2 2 2.9GHz 2MB $52
Celeron G1840 2 2 2.8GHz 2MB $42

And their energy-sipping siblings:

Model Cores Threads Base clock L2 cache Price
Pentium G3440T 2 2 2.8GHz 3MB $75
Pentium G3240T 2 2 2.7GHz 3MB $64
Celeron G1840T 2 2 2.5GHz 2MB $42

Yeah, that's enough tables. The Haswell Refresh lineup also includes a handful of mobile processors, but they're no more exciting than the new desktop chips. The full price list has the details for those want them.

Of course, these aren't the only new Haswell processors Intel has in store. As part of its renewed commitment to desktop PCs, Intel is readying a couple of more exotic CPUs based on current silicon. A product codenamed "Devil's Canyon" will feature an improved thermal interface designed to improve overclocking headroom, and we're also due to get a 20th anniversary edition of the Pentium. Both of those processors will have unlocked multipliers, and they're expected to arrive mid-year.

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