Wait, we're giving away $1500 in PC hardware?

Man, I keep my head down for a few days, slaving away on a video card review, and the strangest things happen. This time, while I was preoccupied, the guys decided it would be a good idea to give away $1500 in computer hardware in exchange for dirty pictures. Err, pictures of dirty computers.

Man, there really is no good way to say that, is there?

Anyhow, I was just lamenting the other day how ye olde Damagebox 2011 is getting long in the tooth. Now, for some insane reason, we are sending several of you people boxes full of Kingston SSDs, clicky Cooler Master keyboards, and MSI motherboards and video cards.

And a really nice mouse. I could use a mouse like that.

There's a whole announcement page about it and everything, so I suppose we have to make good on this contest. Unfortunately, using rules that I wrote for use in a previous contest, the guys have made sure that I'm not eligible to win. I can't even enter my family members, which spoils one of the few natural advantages of having spawned an unusually large number of children.

Oh well. If we're gonna have to box this stuff up and ship it out, you might as well go ahead and enter for yourself. All you need to win is one of those dirty-computer pictures, apparently the dirtier the better.

Seriously, I need to vet this stuff before it goes public. Wow.

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