Nvidia GeForce 337.61 beta hotfix display driver released

Nvidia just released a new display driver for its family of graphic cards. Bear in mind that this is meant as a hotfix, so caveat emptor.

In any event, Nvidia's beta display driver was pushed out to resolve the following issues:

  • Half display or no display on Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q/UP2414Q LCD monitor - [1453685]
  • Code 43 error message after installing driver 337.50 on a PC with Hyper-V enabled - [1495541]

Thanks to TR reader SH SOTN for the news tip.

Update: Hardware Canucks, Neoseeker, Overclockers Club, and PC Perspective have all posted their reviews of an earlier iteration of Nvidia's beta performance drivers that were released last week. Nvidia was claiming that its GeForce 337.50 Beta driver could deliver a frame rate increase of up to 71%.

To be sure, the new GeForce 337.61R Beta Hotfix driver released today supersedes the older 337.50 Beta driver, but these reviews will give you a good sense of what to expect from Nvidia's latest performance driver suite.

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