Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer shows Frostbite-fueled gameplay

The next chapter in the Dragon Age series is due October 7. Dragon Age: Inquisition is being developed by franchise creator BioWare, and the latest trailer looks rather good. The graphics are slick, the environments are varied, and the characters are especially detailed. See for yourself:

The video is billed as a gameplay trailer, but it's unclear whether all the footage comes from in-engine sequences. There may be a few pre-rendered cinematics squeezed into this trailer. Pretty much all of the visuals look excellent, though, including the snippets that clearly show in-game action.

Dragon Age: Inqusition is based on the same Frostbite 3 engine as Battlefield 4, so I'm not surprised by the eye candy. Like BF4, the new Dragon Age title will also tap AMD's Mantle API. We haven't heard anything about the game's Mantle implementation since it was teased last year, though. It's unclear whether support for the API will be available out of the gate or added after the initial release. Based on the other Mantle-optimized games that have been released thus far, a post-release patch seems more likely than day-one support.

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