The move to stop WinXP is on

TwoFer writes:
At least seven privacy and public-interest groups are filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission tomorrow (Thursday), asking them to block the launch of Microsoft XP. The groups include the Electronic Privacy Information Center (a DC-based public-interest group) and Junkbusters (the well-known privacy group). They are concerned with potential privacy threats associated with XP, Passport, Hailstorm, .NET, and their close integration in the OS.

They're seeking relief under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, the unfair and deceptive practices section of the Act.

Says, "The planned complaint comes as pressure against Microsoft is mounting on different fronts, with lawmakers and competitors scrutinizing the critical features in Windows XP." They certainly have that right!

I'm intrigued to see whether these efforts will make any headway. I'm also interested to see whether Microsoft will finally respond with some degree of political savvy in this situation where it's required. MS's past attempts in the MS-DoJ trial have been brutish, overtly confrontational, and not terribly effective.
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