Tiny USB 3.0 enclosure houses mSATA drives

So, this is kinda neat. VisionTek has designed a USB 3.0 drive enclosure around the mSATA form factor. That means you can populate it with an ultrabook-sized solid-state drive and have yourself a rather speedy little external storage device. See for yourself:

The mSATA mini Enclosure, VisionTek says, has a smaller footprint than a business card and weighs just 0.30 ounces (or 8.5 grams) empty. It gets all of its power from the included USB 3.0 cable, so there's no need for an additional AC adapter. And its suggested retail price is pretty reasonable, at $29.99.

You'll have to insert your own mSATA SSD, naturally, but those drives are often priced on par with 2.5" models. For example, Crucial's M500 120GB is $73.99 in 2.5" form and $75.99 as an mSATA card.

The mSATA mini Enclosure can be purchased right now from VisionTek's own online store. The company says the enclosure is coming soon to e-tailers like Newegg and Tiger Direct, as well.

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