Winners drawn in $1500 spring cleaning contest

Our $1500 spring cleaning contest has drawn to a close. Our winners are Esproc and highlandr, who followed our entry rules and posted some of the grossest, grodiest, most-in-need-of-spring-cleaning PCs we've seen. Here's Esproc's entry:

And here's highlandr's:

Esproc will be receiving our first-place prize, while highlandr will get the runner-up prize. Congratulations, folks! Each of you should have a private message from Adam "Inkling" Eiberger, our business guy, waiting in your TR forum inbox. Please reply within 72 hours. If we don't hear back from you within that span of time, we may be forced to select another contestant.

Thanks to Cooler Master, MSI, Kingston, and Newegg for donating the prizes for this giveaway. Thanks to everyone who participated, as well. All the contest submissions can be viewed in this thread.

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