Case listings suggest imminent Surface Mini launch

Rumors about a mini version of Microsoft's Surface tablet have been going around for quite some time—over a year, in fact. We've yet to see an announcement from Microsoft, but as TechCrunch reports, there's evidence to suggest the tablet might be close to release.

Amazon has put up listings for a pair of cases, both of which are marketed as add-ons for the "Microsoft Surface Mini." The name of the unannounced device is repeated in both the product names and the accompanying descriptions. One of the bullet points, for instance, is, "DETACHABLE Bluetooth V3.0 keyboard that works seemlessly with your Microsoft Surface Mini tablet."

Each listing also has a picture gallery, which shows the case wrapped around what may be an eight-inch tablet. There's nothing ostensibly Surface-like about the device, though, as far as I can tell. Its edges are more curved than angular, and the front doesn't look all the different from any of the other eight-inch Windows 8.1 slates out there.

According to Amazon, both cases will be in stock on May 18. Perhaps we'll hear something from Microsoft by then.

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