OCZ unveils new PCIe SSD for gaming, workstations

Yes, OCZ is still around—albeit as a subsidiary of Toshiba—and it's still churning out new SSDs. Earlier today, the firm announced the RevoDrive 350, a PCI Express drive aimed at "professional workstations and high performance gaming applications."

The RevoDrive 350 comes in three capacities: 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB. Each variant features 19-nm Toshiba NAND flash and a PCI Express Gen2 x8 interface. OCZ says it outfits the drives with up to four SandForce SF-2282 controllers, enabling transfer rates of up to 1.8GB/s and 4K random write IOPS up to 140,000. Thanks to the company's Virtualized Controller Architecture, RevoDrive 350 SSDs "appear and act as a single drive to the host system to enable drive-level management features such as secure erase, SMART, and TRIM."

OCZ covers the RevoDrive 350 with a three-year warranty and says it supports "up to 50GB of host writes per day for 3 years." That works out to about 58.79 terabytes, which is higher than usual for a consumer SSD. Judging by the results of our own SSD Endurance Experiment, though, many SSDs can last substantially longer than that.

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