Watch Dogs bundled with GeForce GTX graphics cards

Last week, AMD refreshed its Never Settle Forever bundles with a handful of new titles, including the latest Thief game. Today, Nvidia has rolled out a fresh bundle of its own. GeForce GTX 760, 770, 780, and 780 Ti graphics cards now come with a redemption code for Watch Dogs.

The Ubisoft-developed hacking sandbox is due May 27, and it includes some PC-specific goodies, including Nvidia's HBAO+ ambient occlusion and TXAA antialiasing tech. We've seen those PC tweaks in action already, so here's a more recent trailer that shows off eight minutes of multiplayer footage.

The graphics look a little bland, but the trailer may be based on the console version. YouTube compression certainly doesn't help. I'm digging the gameplay, though. Watch Dogs' combination of single- and multiplayer elements is intriguing, and the game's interpretation of Chicago looks like it provides plenty of opportunity for both skulking and mayhem.

GeForce GTX cards with the Watch Dogs bundle are already selling at Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect, and NCIX. I see the game bundled with at least one GeForce Titan, too, even though that card isn't officially part of the deal. The bundle could be extended to the upcoming Titan Z, which has dual GK110 GPUs and a $2,999 price tag. Dropping three grand on a graphics card should entitle folks to at least one AAA game, if not an entire library full of 'em.

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