AMD fires up private beta program for Mantle

DirectX 12 be damned, AMD is pushing ahead with the development and promotion of its Mantle graphics API. The company announced this morning that Mantle has entered a "new phase of its development life cycle." As of today, developers can sign up for a private beta program that will entail access to the Mantle SDK.

40 different studios have already pre-registered, AMD says, and additional ones are welcome to apply via this page on the company's website. Applicants will be granted places in the "next wave of invitations." AMD doesn't mandate any specific criteria for entry—it wants to woo developers of "all shapes and sizes"—but development experience is "encouraged."

At the Game Developers Conference last month, AMD was adamant that Mantle still has value even now, with DirectX 12 on the horizon. AMD's Ritche Corpus told us that, because D3D12 and Mantle have so much in common, implementing Mantle today will give developers a "big head start" on figuring out DirectX 12 tomorrow. AMD is also talking to developers about bringing Mantle to Linux, where DX12 won't be supported.

The list of Mantle-enabled titles currently available includes Battlefield 4 and Thief. Mantle will also be featured in Star Citizen, Sniper Elite III, and 15 titles based on BF4's Frostbite 3 engine. Crytek has pledged support for Mantle in the next version of CryEngine, as well.

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