Kevin Spacey anchors Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer

Every year, the Call of Duty franchise spawns another first-person shooter. This year's installment is due November 4. It's called Advanced Warfare, and Kevin Spacey features heavily in the initial trailer. Seriously.

I usually love Spacey's work, but his delivery here feels a little flat, sort of like the textures in the Xbone-derived footage. Maybe I've been watching too much House of Cards, in which Spacey generally speaks with more conviction—and with a distinct southern drawl. It's still cool to see him in a Call of Duty game, though.

The trailer reveals some other tidbits about Advanced Warfare, including the presence of cloaking devices, hover bikes, and what appear to be jet boots. Players will apparently be able to carry a retractable shield, and they'll get to climb walls with sticky, Spider Man gloves. Also, there's the requisite combat sequence on the roof of a moving vehicle. Kevin Spacey may be the star in the trailer, but like with most Call of Duty games, it feels like Michael Bay is directing the action.

Sledgehammer Games is handling the development of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The studio previously worked on Modern Warfare 3, so we probably can't expect a radical departure from the established formula of frantic multiplayer combined with a linear, heavily scripted single-player experience. I guess there's a market for that sort of shooter, but there's some evidence to suggest that gamers' tastes may be growing more refined. Sales of Ghosts, the last chapter in the CoD series, were down substantially versus the previous year's Black Ops II release.

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