Next-gen Intel mobos already listed at Newegg

I think we're still waiting on Intel for a formal launch of the company's next-gen desktop chipsets. As far as one e-tailer is concerned, though, the waiting is over. Newegg has put up listings for no fewer than 43 motherboards based on Intel H97 and Z97 Express chipsets.

Most of the boards hail from Asus and Gigabyte, and there's a small handful of MSI ones mixed in, too. Prices start at $104.99 for H97 solutions, the most inexpensive being Asus' microATX H97M-E. You'll have to cough up a little more for Z97 boards like Gigabyte's full-sized GA-Z97-HD3, which starts at $109.99. That's nothing compared to the priciest of the bunch: Asus' Z97-Deluxe, for which Newegg charges the tidy sum of $399.99.

The Z97-Deluxe seems to be ready to ship, as are a small number of other Z97 offerings. Most are only up for pre-order, though. Newegg quotes release dates of May 11 for many of the Z97 boards and May 19 for the H97 ones.

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