Thanks to everybody who came out to the TR meetup in the KC area on Saturday night. As usual, we had a great group of folks and some excellent conversation. We really need to do these things more often.

A special thanks to eitje, one of our original top-10 subscribers, who was in town for dinner with an editor. We are slowly working our way through the rewards for the top-10 members. We should have another one of 'em on the podcast when we record on Thursday evening. In fact, as eitje and I were discussing over the weekend, it's interesting what's happened there. The majority of the top-10 folks have chosen to be on the podcast, and most of them I know enough about to say that they'll make good guests. I think the podcast will be overall improved by this series of appearances. Jeff Atwood's stint on the last episode was a nice start, but there's more goodness to come.

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