AMD is working on K12, brand-new x86 and ARM cores

At a press event just now, AMD offered an update on its "ambidextrous" strategy for CPUs and SoCs. There's lots of juicy detail here, but the big headline news is that the company is working on two new-from-scratch CPU core designs, one that's compatible with the 64-bit ARMv8 instruction set ISA and another that is an x86 replacement for Bulldozer and its descendants. AMD has given the ARM core the code-name K12. I'm not sure whether that name also applies to the x86 core.

The firm also indicated its intention to share infrastructure, both inside of its SoCs and outside (in terms of sockets and platforms), between its x86 and ARM processors going forward.

I'll have a story with more context and detail up as soon as I can get it written up, but that's the big news. More soon...

Update: My story with more details on the new cores is now available here.

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