Lenovo Chromebook bends over backwards for consumers

What's the big deal about yet another Chromebook? Well, the new Lenovo N20p is the first consumer Chromebook from the world's biggest PC maker by market share—and it breaks the mold somewhat by featuring a touch-screen display with a Yoga-style  hinge.

The N20p Chromebook's 11.6", 1366x768 display has 10-finger touch support, and it can fold back 300° to put the laptop in what Lenovo calls "stand" mode. This is the same sort of hinge Lenovo already offers on its Yoga multimode ultrabooks—although on the Yoga, the screen can fold back all the way, turning the system into a pseudo-tablet.

Also included in the N20p Chromebook are an Intel Celeron processor, "up to" 16GB of onboard storage (backed by 100GB of Google Drive storage), and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Lenovo quotes a maximum battery life of eight hours, and it says the machine weighs less than 3.1 lbs and measures less than 0.7" thick.

The system will be available in August starting at $329. For reference, the most affordable Chrome OS-toting machines can be found for as little as $200, but prices do range up to well over $300 for non-convertible designs.

Lenovo has also announced the N20 Chromebook, which has a conventional clamshell design and a starting price that's $50 lower. The N20 is scheduled to ship in July.

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