Early Nvidia earnings show growth, beat forecasts

Nvidia posted earnings for its last fiscal quarter a little early this year. According to the company, "a preliminary draft [of the results] was inadvertently emailed to an internal distribution list of about 100 individuals." Nvidia decided to make the results public as a "precaution."

The numbers look pretty good. Compared to the same quarter a year ago, Nvidia enjoyed 16% revenue growth and 75% profit growth. The Wall Street Journal says the results came in above analysts' expectations, as well.

You'll find the figures in the table below. Keep in mind the first quarter of Nvidia's 2015 fiscal year ended on April 27, 2014. So, no, Nvidia's accountants aren't reporting data from the future.

  Q1 FY'15 Q4 FY'14 Q1 FY'14
Revenue $1.103 billion $1.144 billion $954.7 million
Net income $136.5 million $146.9 million $77.9 million
Gross margin 54.8% 54.1% 54.3%

Nvidia didn't just beat analysts forecasts—it beat its own, as well. Three months ago, Nvidia predicted Q1 FY'15 revenue in the $1.029-1.071 billion range with a gross margin of 54.2%.

I'd love to tell you more about where this unexpected growth came from, and about how much Nvidia expects to make this quarter. Sadly, however, the company is keeping those details under wraps until Thursday—the day it originally planned to post earnings. I guess we'll have to stay tuned.

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