Friday night topic: Best Sircam document titles

It has been a heckuva week for the Sircam worm, undoubtedly one of the most successful viruses ever in terms of self-propagation. TR's prestigious Golden Turd award goes to Symantec for failing to stop the darned thing. Kudos to The Register for picking up that story. Made my life easier. And did you know Sircam has a bug that prevents it from mailing itself out in WinNT/Win2K? But I digress.

I was reading this article about the virus at CNET, and ran across this bit:

"From the social-engineering point of view, the fact that it was using multiple messages--you couldn't just look for an 'I love you' header--helped keep this going," said Vincent Weafer, director of software maker Symantec's AntiVirus Research Center. "And in many cases the documents that are sent out have intriguing titles. People are going to be curious."

Indeed, SirCam-infected documents sent to CNET have included such hard-to-resist titles as "SIS--cocaine business," "Madame handing over note" and "Any man of mine."

Which raises a couple of questions. Is it possible to open and read the infected documents mailed out by Sircam? And our official Friday night topic: What's the most interesting document title Sircam has mailed to you or someone you know?
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