Benchmark site lists specs for 8'' Nvidia 'Mocha' slate

What's this? Yet another mystery device betrayed by an online benchmark listing? As Liliputing reports, specs for an unannounced "Nvidia Mocha" tablet briefly appeared on the GFXBench website this week—and were promptly taken down. Google's cache still shows the listing, so I was able to grab a screenshot:

Let's see. We have a Tegra K1 chip clocked at 2.1GHz, a 7.9" touch screen with a 2048x1536 resolution (just like on the Retina iPad mini), a couple gigs of RAM, 16GB of storage capacity, and front and rear cameras with beefy megapixel ratings. The GFXBench listing also mentions the usual assortment of sensors and connectivity, from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi to GPS.

I can't get the actual GFXBench results through Google's cache, but German site Tabtech has posted them. Apparently, this Mocha tablet is about twice as fast, give or take a few percent, as the Retina iPad mini in 3D graphics tests. Not bad at all.

Perhaps the Mocha tablet will be a more upscale follow-up to last year's Tegra Note. That device, which couples a Tegra 4 processor with a 7", 1280x800 display, was designed by Nvidia and sold by some of the company's graphics-card partners, like EVGA in North America. Newegg still has the EVGA-branded version of the tablet in stock for $189.99 before a $5-off coupon code.

Or, you know, perhaps this will be something else entirely. It's hard to know with these cryptic listings. But I wouldn't mind a Tegra K1-powered tablet with a high-PPI screen—especially if it runs games so well.

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