Nvidia touts gains in PC gaming, servers

We got the broad strokes of Nvidia's latest quarterly earnings ahead of schedule earlier this week. Yesterday afternoon, Nvidia filled in the remaining pieces, addressing the source of its revenue growth and sharing its forecast for the ongoing quarter.

According to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia enjoyed growth in its last fiscal quarter thanks to "gains in PC gaming and our continued progress in the data center and cloud." He elaborated on Nvidia's server efforts:

Nearly 600 enterprises worldwide are now evaluating GRID, our virtual GPU server platform. VMware announced support for GRID to enable GPU-accelerated enterprise virtualization. And with IBM, Dell and HP now selling our GPUs in their high-volume servers, we expect large-scale data centers to be a significant source of growth.

For the ongoing quarter, Nvidia expects revenue of $1.1 billion, give or take 2%, and gross margin of 53.7%. That would compare to $977.2 milion in revenue and 55.8% in gross margin for the same quarter a year back.

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