So I presume Nvidia's Shield is getting Half-Life 2

Let's play the "send me an object to interpret" game. Seems to be all the rage these days, with creepy pictures and cakes and metal briefcases being the most recent objects to challenge my shaman-like ability to divine the meaning of random objects. Today's entry comes in a big, tube-like package from San Jose, California, and it looks like so:

This is for Titan Z!

Yep, a neon-green crowbar. In case that message is too subtle, this handy leverage tool/instrument of death is emblazoned with a searing ethical query:

...not to mention the Half-Life 2 and Nvidia Shield logos. I'm pretty sure the answer to the question, "What would Gordon do?" is "Hit it with a crowbar until it's dead." Dunno how that answer helps me, but if we have a sudden headcrab infestation, perhaps I'll be more grateful.

HL2 coming to Shield makes perfect sense, given that Portal just made the same transition to Nvidia's handheld console. I've been playing some Portal on Shield and may have more to say about it soon, but I can tell you now that the game looks good and plays surprisingly well on this platform. I'm not so sure a pure shooter like Half-Life 2 will make the transition as gracefully, but that may be my own inability to adapt to a control scheme that isn't my beloved mouse-and-keyboard combo talking.

I'm kinda hoping the random object mailing thing ramps up in difficulty soon. So far, it's been embarrassingly easy. Then again, too many weird random objects will probably just involve the postal inspectors, police, and sadness, so maybe that's not for the best.

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