Leaked slide: Devil's Canyon bringing 500MHz boost

Intel's first batch of Haswell Refresh CPUs isn't terribly exciting, but more interesting chips based on Devil's Canyon are just around the corner. These processors will feature an upgraded thermal interface material optimized for overclocking. According to specifications leaked on Chinese forum Coolaler, they'll also be a fair bit faster than existing Haswell CPUs—well, one of them will, anyway. Here's how the new K-series chipset reportedly line up against their predecessors:

Model Cores/Threads Cache Base clock Turbo clock TDP
Core i7-4790K 4/8 8MB 4.0GHz 4.4GHz 88W
Core i7-4770K 4/8 8MB 3.5GHz 3.9GHz 84W
Core i5-4690K 4/4 6MB 3.5GHz 3.9GHz 88W
Core i5-4670K 4/4 6MB 3.4GHz 3.8GHz 84W

Although the Core i5-4670K represents little more than a 100MHz speed bump over its predecessor, the i7-4790K should be quite a bit faster. Its core and base clocks are reportedly 500MHz higher than those of the i7-4770K, giving the chip a peak Turbo speed of 4.4GHz.

According to the leaked slide, these Devil's Canyon offerings have slightly higher thermal envelopes than their Haswell-based counterparts. The difference is only 4W, and it surprisingly applies to both chips. I wouldn't have expected the Core i5-4690K to need a boost. Devil's Canyon may have other changes under the hood that explain the higher TDP.

The new K-series CPUs are expected to arrive in time for the Computex trade show, which kicks off June 2. There's no word on pricing, but given the clock speeds, I'd expect the Core i7-4790K to carry a premium over the existing i7-4770K. That chip is selling for $340 right now.

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