Entire Radeon R9 lineup finally available at list prices

It's a little crazy that this is newsworthy, but AMD's full lineup of Radeon R9 graphics cards is finally available online at suggested e-tail prices. Various members of the family have been in short supply and selling at inflated prices since last year. Supply constraints and increased demand from cryptocurrency miners were apparently to blame, but the situation seems to have been resolved. AMD says the "madness" is over—and that the current, intended prices will remain stable moving forward.

At least right now, Newegg has plenty of Radeons selling at AMD's official launch prices, plus a handful that are even cheaper. Let's go with a bulleted list:

  • Loads of Radeon R9 280 cards are in stock, but only one has the prescribed $249.99 sticker. You're better off with this Sapphire version, which is $209.29 with a 9%-off promo code. A mail-in rebate shaves another $10 off that card, too.
  • The last member of the Radeon R9 family, the 295 X2, is available in several flavors for $1,499.99. All the cards are basically the same, and I'm fairly certain this relatively recent offering hasn't suffered the higher prices that afflicted AMD's other Hawaii-based cards.

So, there you have it. The Radeon R9 family is finally whole and available to gamers as AMD intended. Let's hope this sort of development isn't newsworthy with future generations.

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