Nvidia might have a Shield tablet on the way

Remember that 8" Mocha tablet we told you about last week? Well, it might be more than a simple successor to the Tegra Note.

According to Fudzilla, which claims to have gotten "fresh information about Nvidia's Tegra plans," Nvidia is developing a Shield tablet. The device will be based on the Tegra K1 processor, Fudzilla says, and it will have 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity as well as GameStream support. GameStream is, of course, the feature that allows Nvidia's existing Shield handheld to stream games from a GeForce GTX-equipped PC.

Fudzilla goes on to mention the leaked Mocha tablet specs, adding, "We can only hope that this will be the specification of Shield tablet." Hmm.

This is all very much unofficial and very much unconfirmed, so a heavy pinch of salt is probably in order. Also, I'm not clear on how exactly a Shield tablet would let you play PC games. Would there be a docking cradle with analog sticks? Or perhaps a wireless controller? Fudzilla's story doesn't say.

Still, the site is right about one thing: GameStream would give a future Shield slate a certain leg up over the Android tablet competition.

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