Control time with movement in this Superhot FPS

PC gamers often complain about the lack of gameplay innovation in first-person shooters. And they have a case, because far too many titles rely tired old formulas. But not Superhot, whose internal clock is tied directly to player movement. Time only advances when the player is moving. When they're still, the game essentially sits in suspended animation, allowing players to plan their next move carefully.

The trailer caught my eye, but I wasn't sold on the concept until I experienced the game for myself. The initial prototype can be sampled online with little more than the Unity Player browser plug-in. Yeah, the gameplay is pretty cool.

Folks who like what they see can support the Superhot Kickstarter campaign, which exceeded its initial funding goal after just a few days. Right now, the developers are chasing stretch goals that will add more features to the final release. Pledging $14 entitles backers to a DRM-free version of the finished game. Gaining access to beta releases will set you back at least $40.

The Kickstarter pitch video has some additional details, including commentary from the developers:

Superhot expected to be finished in June 2015. It will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and I can't wait to play more.

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