Friday night topic: What's wrong with your computer?

I'm pretty much the plumber with a leaky sink when it comes to my own PC. I kind of suspect some of you all may be the same way. I have a ton of test rigs that I maintain in tip-top shape for work, and I help my family keep their PCs working well. My now-somewhat-upgraded version of Damagebox 2011, though, suffers from a few issues.

On the hardware side, the cooling still isn't entirely optimal; the IOH temperatures are about 20°C higher than the ambient motherboard, and they rise into dangerous territory sometimes. Software-wise, the Windows 8.1 file explorer occasionally crashes for no apparent reason. I think it might be related to some weird slowdowns I see in Paint Shop Pro, which in turn may have to do with how it interacts with the graphics drivers. But I really don't know, and that's kind of the point. I'm not doing much of anything about it.

I also think little wrinkles here and there are part of the current state of the PC world, particularly with Windows. The PC platform overall has matured greatly over the years, but all of these interchangeable parts and this complex mix of drivers and other software takes its undeniable toll.

What is wrong with your PC right now? Hardware-wise? Software-wise? Have you even tried to fix it?

I'm wondering if we'll find any common threads (like SATA hot-plugging on Intel chipsets having never actually worked right, maybe?)


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