Wolfenstein: The New Order is out, apparently doesn't suck

I got home from a super-secret press event at about 2AM last night, so I've been mostly comatose today. Trying to parse the news has proved difficult, as has writing in any kind of intelligible fashion.

One piece of news has cut through my sleep-deprived mind fog, though. Wolfenstein: The New Order is out today—and apparently, people don't hate it. The game already has some positive reviews on Metacritic. This review by Polygon shows the game in a particularly positive light. Polygon bemoans the unforgiving boss fights, but it praises the gameplay and the way the characters tie the story together:

This is surprising to me, because in my experience, big franchise tie-ins from little-known studios rarely earn accolades. Then again, The New Order developer MachineGames isn't a ramshackle European startup. It was founded by former Starbreeze Studios alumni and acquired by ZeniMax a few years back.

Anyhow, The New Order is available now on Steam for 60 bucks. And, since the game is powered by the megatexture-infused id Tech 5 engine, it has quite the storage footprint: 50GB. That's twice as much as what Rage took up. But hey, as long as MachineGames didn't pull a Titanfall and saddle the PC version with a bunch of uncompressed audio, I'm happy to free up the space on my SSD. Megatextures are real purdy.

Oh, and you'll apparently need a speedy CPU, too. The minimum requirements call for a Core i7 processor or "equivalent AMD." It looks like you can get away with a GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 6850 on the graphics side, however.

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