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Hi, folks.

We're looking for a junior writer to help us out with our news coverage—and, if things work out, reviews and blog posts, as well. The position would be on a freelance, part-time basis, with a preference for people based in the continental United States.

In the interest of fair competition, we're asking that all candidates submit one sample news post as part of their application. The sample news post should cover this press release, and it should meet the following criteria:

  • Not be longer than 250 words or so.
  • Establish context, present the news in an appropriate amount of detail, and not be a total bore to read.
  • Include at least one image from the manufacturer. The image should be 620 pixels wide, in JPEG format, and cropped appropriately.

Although the post should match the standard of quality you're used to seeing on TR, it will not be published on the site. Just think of it as a highly customized cover letter.

Applicants should send the sample post along with their résumé to this e-mail address: jobs@techreport.com.

Update: The position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who applied!

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